best garage door openersIf there’s anything that has changed in the world of garage doors in the last 10 years, it’s the garage door openers . Their evolution followed that of the advancement of technologies (miniaturization of components) and that of home automation (integration of systems).

The two basic criteria that must be considered before buying a new door opener are the frequency of use of your garage door, and the strength components of the unit. The more you make a big use of it, the more you have to opt for quality. Of course, while respecting the budget that you are ready to allocate for such a purchase.

You can buy your opener at a big box store if the price is the most important factor. On the other hand, if the durability and quality of the components are the most important thing, you will have to buy it from a door specialist.

What kind of opener does it exist?

  • The vast majority of the door openers are installed in the center of the door. They are called “charriot type”.
  • For some exceptions (eg, you have plenty of clearance above the door), a Jackshaft type door opener (installed on the side of the door) is strongly suggested.

Engine force

  • It is necessary to speak about the engines of the type AC (alternative curent): the opener starts slowly, takes a regular speed and then slows down at the end of the race. We do not talk about CV (horsepower), but by force Newton (often 800 or 900, equivalent to ½ or ¾ CV).
  • There are also DC motors (direct curent) at regular speed. You can have a motor 1/3 CV, ½ CV or ¾ CV.
  • DC or AC? Both are equivalent.
  • ½ or ¾ CV? Remember that the opener only replaces the manual force. It is the counterweight system (spring) that raises the door. A well balanced door, the so-called dead weight, will weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 kilograms (10 and 15 lbs). So your opener will have to lift the same weight. To predict any unbalance of the spring system, it is better to choose a ½ CV door opener.

Type of opener

  • Chain: the most popular, and more economical than the belt. Note that there are some door openers that do not offer a complete chain, but a chain joint coupled with a steel cable. Opt for a complete chain, if it’s your choice to go with a chain system, because it’s stronger and durable.
  • Belt: quieter than the chain, the belt is a rubber compound reinforced with metal threads, as is the case for tires. It is highly recommended if you have a room (bedroom) above the garage.
  • Worm gear: less popular since the arrival of models with belt, it is even silent. Not recommended in very cold areas and for very wet garages.

Special options?

Here are a few :

  • emergency battery : in case of power failure, you can open and close your garage door.
  • monitoring device: this device allows you to check from the house (often installed in the bedroom) if your door is closed. It may happen that you have opened your door by accidentally pressing on your remote mini-transmitter that is in the pocket of your coat or purse.
  • one-piece trolley: If you regularly use your garage door as the main entrance, make sure you are offered a one-piece (not three-piece) trolley. More solid, it will save you from having to tighten the bolts that serve as seals.

Security system

Since 1993, all electric garage door openers sold in North America are equipped with two safety devices : one is mechanical and the other is photoelectric.

And the latest in technology …

Since 1996, some manufacturers, such as LiftMaster, offer a rolling code system for the use of remote transmitters. Whenever you use your transmitter, it changes its security code.

Also, since 2013, LiftMaster offers MyQ technology that allows you to use your opener with the app you’ve downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or computer … even if you’re at home. other end of the world!

Not sure of your choice?

Contact a garage door specialist . They know garage door openers more than anyone else. They will be happy to advise you on the best choice to make according to the use you make of your garage door and according to your budget. You can also ask them for an online quote .